Why Heart Centered Learning is Important

Three Ways Learning with Heart Centeredness Makes a Difference

Learning with heart centeredness is important because it helps us to connect with our passions and purpose. It helps us to be more aware of our emotions, thoughts and actions.

Learning with heart centeredness allows us to learn in a way that is meaningful to us. It can help us tap into our intuition and listen to the voice within that guides us. By learning from this place, we are able to be more authentic, compassionate and connected in everything we do.

Learning with heart centeredness is also important because it helps us become better teachers. When we are able to take time for self-reflection, we are more present for others. We can show up fully for our students and allow them to feel safe enough in the classroom so that they can learn without fear or judgment from their teachers.


There are many ways to learn, but what is the most effective way? What is the best way to learn?

There are many different types of learning. Some people learn best by reading, others by hearing, and some people learn best by doing. In addition, some people learn more effectively when they are alone and others need the company of others in order to be motivated to learn.

Learning with heart centeredness is about being present in your life as an individual and as a member of a community. It is about learning from your experiences and from those around you in a way that allows you to grow personally and professionally.

As a coach or mentor, it’s important that you have an understanding of your client’s needs and how they want to be coached or consulted. It’s also important that you know how they want to be coached or consulted based on their personality type and preferred learning style.

At EMA, we strive to incorporate this in every piece of material and in every meeting, chat, and presentation!