I can vividly remember when I decided that I wanted to become the next Tony Robbins!  Granted, I probably had delusions of grandeur thinking that I would be traveling all over the world and speaking to thousands of people. But, what I didn’t initially consider was that I actually didn’t have to leave my home because I could work remotely and still change lives.

You see, I’ve always been a renaissance man of sorts and have tried so many things on for size to see if I resonated with them.  In fact, I was thinking the other day about all the different occupations that I’ve had throughout my lifetime and was amazed at all the things that I have accomplished.

Here are but a few:

       -Police Officer in the USAF

       -Radio Announcer

       -Quality Control Inspector (pharmaceuticals)

       -Restaurant Manager

       -Haberdasher in DC

       -Personal trainer

       -Music Director

       -Global Life Coach

I literally could go on, but I think you get the picture!  After years of reflection, I came to the conclusion that there was a running thread in what I did for a living. What was it? I’m glad you asked. What I found was that my personality was such that I loved serving others in some capacity.

The reason I share a bit about my journey is because I know that you too are at a crossroads for making a decision and what I’m asking you to do today is to take some time to contemplate your life and make an assessment of why you want what you want.

Are you a people person?  Do you like making a difference in other people’s lives?  If so, then life coaching may be for you and what’s great is that if you choose to move in the direction of your dreams, the universe will show up in unexpected ways to support you in your endeavors.

Understand that you don’t really need any specific degree or education if you’re looking to become a coach.  However, with that said, I would recommend you have at least a background in psychology, education, wellness or even business – and / or a coaching certification.  You’re probably asking yourself why at this point and I can assure you that that is a great question.  The answer lies in your credibility, which could make you more marketable as a coach.

And that is why here at EMA, we intentionally created a Coaching Certification Course for those who want to be seen as more credible. Please check the ‘featured courses’ section of this website for more information.

Anyway, what we want you to know is that if you choose to become a life coach, not only will you change other people’s lives, but you too will also be transformed on a profound level.  And so, if you’re ready to get your feet wet by stepping into the world of coaching, then please know that we will be your biggest cheerleaders as you make your way into the unknown.

Just so you have a bit more information, here are some of the basics that you will need to consider:

– Finding a niche

– Getting certified

– Setting up shop

– Creating a digital footprint

– Choosing how you’ll help clients

– Pricing your offer

– Investing in continuing education

There you have it, some of the basics for you to consider as you make your decision.  We look forward to serving you and if you choose to get certified here at the Elevation Mentoring Academy, please feel free to reach out to either myself or Angie, if you have any questions.

Good luck and blessings to you!  -Greg